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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Registration Open?
Registration for Campout 2016 will be open starting August 24th and run through midnight on September 9th. You don't need to do anything until then except getting your friend group together and getting pumped for Campout!

Am I registered for Campout?
  -I registered to volunteer, am I registered for Campout?...NO, signing up to volunteer at Campout does not mean you have registered for Campout.
  -I signed up for community service, am I registered for Campout?...NO, signing up to community service does not mean you have registered for Campout.
  -I signed up to be a checker, am I registered for Campout?...NO, signing up as a checker does not mean you have registered for Campout.
  -I submitted an RV registration, am I registered for Campout?...NO, simply registering an RV does not mean you have registered for Campout.
  -My RV captain registered an RV and put me on the roster, am I registered for Campout?...NO, you must register for Campout as an individual. Being on an RV roster does not mean you're registered for Campout.
  -I formed a "Campout group" with some of my classmates and they registered. Am I registeredfor Campout?...NO, all Campout "groups" are unofficial and do not impact your standing in the lottery in any way. You must register for Campout as an individual.
  -I followed the link to the registration form on the homepage, filled out the form, paid my $22 registration fee and received a confirmation email. Am I registered for Campout?...YES, congratulations! Time to get ready for Campout!

My program doesn't include the Student Activities Fee, can I still register for Campout?
In short, no. Students who do not contribute towards this fund are not eligible for the Campout ticket lottery. You are still more than welcome to attend Campout and enjoy the weekend with friends and colleagues. While at the campsite, be aware that you will be held to the same standard of conduct as those campers that are actively participating in the lottery and can be asked to leave should you violate any of the rules laid out in the Campout policy.

Do we have to RSVP for camping spots?
Camping spots in "tentville" are first come, first serve so make sure to get there and set up early once the Blue Zone opens on Friday, September 16th (4:00pm). Spots in the RV lot are limited and distributed in accordance with our RV policy to ensure that there is an equal and fair distribution of spots amongst the various graduate schools. Even if you're camping as a group, every student that wants to be eligible for the lottery must register individually. Even in the RV lot where groups of students register for an RV together, each camper must complete their own online registration to be eligible for the lottery.

Can I attend Campout in a group? Can large can my group be?
You can have as many people as you wish campout as part of your "group" or "team". However, please note that you must register for Campout as an individual, you will make attendance checks as an individual and you have the chance to win an individual season ticket. All Campout/ticket sharing "Teams" are unofficial to the Basketball Committee, but we encourage them because they increase the collective odds of a group winning multiple tickets in which you can share. Any agreements that you make between your team are solely governed by the group making them. All agreements regarding ticket sharing within a team should follow the guidelines within the Ticket Usage Agreement.

Can my significant other or non Duke graduate student friend come to Campout?
While only Duke Graduate and Professional students meeting the requirements of Section 2 of the Campout policy are eligible to enter the lottery, significant others and guests can certainly be part of the Campout experience. All guests must be over 21 years old to be in the campsite. Guests will be held to the same standard as regular campers. In addition, as an eligible camper, you are wholly responsible for your guests and their actions. Should a guest of yours violate the Campout policy in any way, you will be held responsible and are subject to any discipline that may include disqualification from Campout per Section 8 of the Campout policy.

I don't actually want to be in the lottery, can I still come by and spend time with my friends that are in the lottery?
Yes, you are more than welcome to join your fellow classmates during Campout without being a registered camper.

How long is Campout?
Campout is ~36 hours, officially beginning with the first attendance check at 9:00 pm on Friday the 16th and running through the lottery reveal at 9:00am Sunday the 18th. If you register as an attending camper, the more attendance checks you make, the better your chances in the lottery.

What if I am going to be late and will miss rolling registration?
While you run the risk of missing attendance checks depending on how late you arrive, please email our registration team to inform them of your situation and we'll be happy to accomodate in any way we can within the rules.

What if I can't make it to Campout for the weekend?
We do our best to identify a date that works around the academic calendars of the various graduate schools to maximize student attendance. In addition, we must also consider the home football schedule for the fall. We realize that in some years things, the timing works out better than in others. All hope is not lost though if you are unable to attend. There is still an option to register as a non-attending camper during the registration period and have a chance to win a ticket.

What happened to exemptions?
Exemptions are no longer part of Campout with the new attending/non-attending camper classifications. The only exemptions are for emergency medical reasons in the week leading up to and throughout the Campout weekend. These exemptions are not reviewed by the Committee and are solely granted at the discretion of Duke medical advisors.

How does a check work?
Random attendance checks will be called throughout the 36 hours of Campout at the discretion of the Basketball Committee Chairs. Committee members will be stationed in all of the tenting or RV lots and use a prolonged whistle tone to signal a check. Upon hearing the whistle, all campers have 10 minutes to proceed to the registration tent and get their wristband scanned to record their attendance for that check. Checks may be called in rapid succession, so it is bes to not wander far. The last check on Saturday and Sunday will be approximately 3:00 am. Checks can start as early as 6:30 am. There is no limit to the number of checks that may be called during the 36 hour Campout.

How do I know how many checks I've made?
This is a question we often get during checks at Campout. Volunteers scanning wristbands during checks are not required to inform any camper of their check status. Our scanners will be hooked up to computers that will display your barcode when your wristband has been scanned properly. Alternatively, you can access the mobile based attendance tracking system and login with your wristband number and UniqueID.

How many tickets can I get per ID?
Only Duke Graduate and Professional students are eligible for the lottery for a chance to win 1 season ticket to Men's home basketball games. Partner IDs are not eligible for the lottery although partners are encouraged to attend and be part of the festivities.

What if I don't win?
While unfortunate, we only have a set number of tickets that we can distribute through the lottery. With each lottery, there are a few campers that are designated as alternates in the event that someone who won a ticket does not claim it in the allotted time. Not winning a ticket doesn't mean you cannot go to games. Through our new online ticketing portal, you can go online to obtain tickets that have been returned to the box office for individual games. Games often times have guest promotions, so tag up with your friends and get into the games with them!

Are there any family friendly events at Campout?
Yes! On the Saturday of Campout, we organize a Campout Carnival, which includes face painters, balloon artists and other kids activities. It's a great way to make the family part of the Campout experience!

Don't see your question here? No problem, just email us at and we will keep adding to this list.

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