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Digital Ticketing

For the 2016-2017 Basketball Season, Graduate and Professional students will be using a new Digital Ticketing system. Please review the Digital Ticket Contract for the rules and regulations governing the use of these tickets. Before the start of the season, we will be putting out a series of tutorial videos to help everyone get acclimated with the new system.

Click here to request Graduate and Professional Student account permissions on an existing account

Tutorial 1: Activating your Account and Prepaying
Once you register for Campout, your first name, last name, email address and billing address will be passed along to the Duke Athletics Ticket Office. They will then create an account for you in the new online ticking portal. This video explains how to activate that account as well as enter your credit card information to pay for a digital ticket.

Tutorial 2: Downloading your Season Tickets
This video explains how to access your season tickets and download a pdf copy. If you get to the My Tickets page, but don't see any tickets, try clicking on "My Entire Purchase History". This will take you to the same screen as seen at 1:22 in the video.

Tutorial 3: Donating Tickets
This video explains how to donate a ticket you will not be able to use back to the ticket office. Donated tickets become available for purcahse by other Duke graduate and professional students.

Tutorial 4: Ticket Advances
This video explains how to advance a ticket to other Duke Graduate and Professional Students. Did you get to the advance screen and not see any tickets? It could be that you skipped Tutorial 2. Games will not show up unless you have already downloaded your season ticket. 

Tutorial 5: Obtaining Guest Tickets and Individual Game Ticket Purchases
This video explains how to obtain guest tickets or purchase individual game tickets. After completing an order you will get an email and land on a confirmation page that says, "Congratulations" with a big thumbs up.
If the system is unable to fill your order, then tickets have been sold out for this particular game.

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