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Attending a Game in Cameron

Attending Men's Home Games

Ticketing Accounts
In order to enter a game, all graduate and professional students are required to have a ticket unless they choose to queue using the walk-up line (admission is not guaranteed in the walk-up line). These accounts are first created by the student and then given Graduate student permissions by the ticket office. If you attended Campout then you're all set, you already have had an account made for you. If you did not, you may follow this to request your Graduate student permissions link to request an account.

What do I need to Bring?
- Your DukeCard (Spouse IDs are also allowed)
- Your Digital Ticket
- Your A game! We stand behind the baskets and are tasked with distracting our opponent’s free throws

What kinds of items are Forbidden in the Graudate Student Section of Cameron?
- BAGS of any and all kinds: this includes PURSES, clutches, backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, camera bags, etc. Bags of any kind are not permitted in the student sections of Cameron Indoor Stadium. The Grad Ushers cannot store bags, nor will exceptions be made. Bags made be checked for free at the item check at Kennedy Tower at Koskinen Stadium located up the hill from Cameron on Whitford Drive.
- Professional Cameras (i.e., lenses longer than 4 inches)
- Umbrellas
- Outside food/drink including water bottles
- Weapons of any kind (including but not limited to guns and pocket knives) are also prohibited inside Cameron.
For more information, please see the A-Z Gameday Guide on

What are the options for getting into Cameron?
The options for getting into Cameron are as follows:
A. Using your Season Ticket. Each season ticket must be accompanied by a valid Gradaute or Professional Student Duke ID.
B. Purchasing an individual game ticket from the pool of tickets that has been returned to the ticket office. These quantities will vary game to game and will be annouced several days prior to game-day. Students who purchase an individual game ticket are eligible to participate in the guest promotion for the particular game they purchased the ticket for. There is no guarantee returned tickets will be available for any game.
C. Having a season ticket advanced to you from a season ticket holder using the ticketing portal.
D. Be a season ticket holder's guest. Make friends, being in Cameron is more fun with them. Not all games will have guest promotions. Guest promotions will be annouced several days prior to game day. All guests must be registered via a survey sent out by the Basketball Committee Head Ushers. Check social media to stay informed.
E. Walk-Up Line: If you do NOT have a Season Ticket, you will get in line at the Walk-Up Line location. You will not have a preference of Bench or Band Side.

What is the line up procedure for students with Season Tickets? All colors and references are in the image below this text
1. 1. All graduate and professional students will check in and be wristbanded at the tent located in front of Yoh Football Center (Star in the image). Have you Duke Card and ticket ready to be checked. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED INTO CAMERON WITHOUT A WRISTBAND!
  -Checking in with Guests? Stay to the right side of the check-in table (purple).
  -Checking in without Guests? Stay to the left side of the check-in table (black).
2. Select the Bench (season ticket holder), Band (season ticket holder) or Walk-Up line (non-season ticket holders) and get the corresponding wristband from the ushers at the check-in table.
3. Queue in your corresponding location.
 Bench line - on the grassy area between Cameron and Wilson (yellow).
 Band side along the sidewalk next to the Bench line (green).
 Walk-up line - along the downward sloping pavement towards Wilson (orange).
4. Once doors open, you will be ushered into Cameron from the staging area into the Graduate Student entrance (red).
5. Open your jackets, hold your wristbands up, and have your digital ticket ready as you go through the doors.
6. Present your digital ticket to the usher at the inner door to Cameron.
7. Season Tickets ONLY guarantee admission up to 20 minutes prior to tipoff. After that, you have forfeited your preferential admission, and your ticket means nothing.
8. Make sure to take all necessary metal items out of your pockets as you go through the metal detectors.
9. There are Grad Ushers all around to answer questions if you have them.


What is the procedure for the Walk-up Line?
 1. Once in the Walk-Up Line, you will wait until 20 minutes before tip-off to go into the game.
 2. Grad Ushers will walk you into Cameron as a group as space permits.
 3. Open you jackets for safety check, have your wristbands up.
 4. Make sure to take all necessary metal items out of your pockets as you go through the metal detectors.
 The walk-up line is only for valid holders of a Duke Graduate or Professional Student ID

What are Guest and Family Games?
During a few games, we run guest or family promotions for season tickets only. They come in 2 types. They may or may not be limited to Season Ticket Card Holders.

"1 brings X" Guest Games
: this means 1 student with a valid graduate/professional student DukeCard (+Season Ticket) can get X number of additional guest wristbands. These guests must be adults over the age of 18, and will be standing the entire game.

Family Games: these games are 1 brings 4, meaning 1 student with a valid graduate/professional student DukeCard (+Season Ticket) can get up to 4 additional wristbands. For Family games, children (under 18 years) are allowed. All students with guests younger than 18 will SIT in the corner of Section 19.
  - These games are first come, first served and pre-registration is required. Space and admission is not guaranteed, because it depends on how many students take advantage of the promotion.
  - For up-to-date announcements of promotions, please check out Duke Graduate Game Day on Facebook!

Process for Requesting Guests

 1. Like Duke Graduate Student Game Day on Facebook
 2. View Tutorial #5 on our Digital Tickets Page
 3. Use the link provided in the days leading up to the game to access a Graduate Student only link for guest tickets
 4. You will recieve an email confirmation when your order goes through. Access your guest tickets under "My Tickets" in your portal
 5. Check that you got an email and that your tickets have shown up. The tickets are processed immediately unless they are sold out (you will get an error upon trying to claim the tickets saying that "There are no seats remaining at this price level"). If you did not get an email or do not see your guest tickets, repeat the process (there are multiple confirmation steps, it's easy to miss one). Contact us with issues, but do not wait until the day of the game. GUEST TICKETS SELL OUT.

What should I do in the case of any emergency while at a game?
Get out of the section as quickly as you can, and go to the front where there is DUPD or the Grad Ushers who can help you with your situation.

Where can I find more information about Disability Seating?
A limited number of accessible seats are available in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

How can I attend Women's Home Games?
Women's Basketball games offer a family friendly atmosphere so bring your kids and enjoy Duke Basketball with the entire family! Throughout the season, there will be post-game autograph sessions with the team and Family Fun Nights with a free pre-game fan fest with face-painting, carnival games and more! Check out the Women's Basketball Promotions page for more details. Before you make your way over to Cameron, there are a few things you need to know.

Admission is free for all students and spouses/partners with valid Duke ID or Spouse/Partner card and for children 2 and under. General Admission tickets are required for children over the age of 2 and can be purchased through the Duke Ticket Office ( or 681-BLUE). General admission tickets are $6 for youth/seniors and $9 - $11 for adults. Season tickets in general admission are $75 for youth/seniors and $115 for adults.

For Women's Basketball games, students sit in designated General Admission seating in either Section 17, 18, 20 in the lower-level seating area or Section 2, 3, 10 ,11 in the upper-level seating area. All students (undergraduate and graduate/professional) enter through the North Lobby on the Krzyzewskiville side of Cameron Indoor Stadium through the far left door marked for Undergraduate Admission.

There is absolutely NO RE-ENTRY into Cameron Indoor Stadium. NO EXCEPTIONS

No alcohol is allowed inside Cameron Indoor Stadium.

No outside food or beverages are allowed inside Cameron Indoor Stadium.

No smoking is allowed inside Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Duke Athletics expects all guests to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times before, during and after the game. We expect all guests to treat other guests, players, coaches and officials with courtesy. Please join us in creating a fun, safe, family atmosphere at Cameron Indoor Stadium by not:
 -Interfering with other guests’ ability to enjoy the game Using/displaying foul or abusive language or gestures
 -Failing to produce a ticket upon request or sitting in a seat that does not match your ticket
 -Entering the playing field or restricted access areas
 -Throwing objects within the stadium
 -Otherwise being disorderly

Fans should contact a stadium staff member if they feel someone is not acting appropriately. Violators are subject to ejection and possible arrest.

If you need help while at a game:
-Contact the nearest staff member
-Text “DUKE” <space> issue and location to 69050
-Call the Operations Center at 919.668.5777

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